Name Appointed by Date of appointment and end date of term of office Areas of responsibility and membership of Committees Business, Pecuniary and Personal Interests Attendance at Governing Body Meetings in 2016/2017
Clare Clark


Foundation. Parochial Church Council 3rd October 2017. 2nd October 2021. Link to Year 3.

Teaching and Learning Committee


Not applicable
Stella Hodkinson




Foundation. Parochial Church Council. 1st September 2012.

31st August 2020.

Link to Year 6

Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee

None 2 of 3
Margaret Hughes Foundation. Diocese of Manchester. 1st September 1992.

31st August 2020.

Link to Year 4.

Chair of Governors, Chair of Finance,

Staffing and Premises Committee,

Admissions, Action Plan Monitoring Group,

Wellbeing, EAL.

None 3 of 3
Janet McLaren





Local Authority Appointment 28th June 2013.

27th June 2021

Link to Year R


Action Plan Monitoring Group

Teaching and Learning Committee

None 3 of 3
David Penny Foundation.


From 15th February 2006.


Link to Year 2


Religious Education.

Action plan Monitoring Group



Premises Committee

Health & Safety

None 3 of 3
Roy Tattersall Foundation. Parochial Church Council. 31st January 2017.

30th January 2021

Finance and Premises Committee.

Link governor (to Local Authority)

None 2 of 2


Kim Connell Staff Governor 8th Mar 2019

7th March 2023

Teaching and Learning Committee

Looked after Children

Sharon Rimmelzwann  Parent Governor  14th Dec 2018

13 Dec 2022

Stacey Livingston  Parent Governor  14th Dec 2018

13 Dec 2022

Link to year 1,

Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee.

Child Protection, Safeguarding and Prevent.

Ian Walsh






From 1st September 2000 Advisor to All Committees None 3 of 3
Associate Governors – appointed by Governing Body
Emma Dickinson Ex-Officio  From 1st Jan 2019 Deputy Headteacher.

Teaching and Learning Committee


None 2 of 3
Persons who have ceased to be governors in 2019/20 academic year
Angela Dudley Foundation. Parochial Church Council. 4rd November 2015.

3nd November 2019

Link to Year 5




None 1 of 3


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