To find information about PE, reading, homework etc. please click on the Reception Class Handbook link.Our topics this year will be:Autumn 1 – Nursery RhymesAutumn 2 – Families

Spring 1 – Traditional Tales

Spring 2 – Amazing Authors – Julia Donaldson

Summer 1 – Heroes and Villains

Summer 2 – The Wider World & Beyond

We enjoy learning through play, with lots of fun activities – you can have a look what we’ve been doing recently by browsing through our twitter feed on the right. Please follow us @stlukesrec 


Reception Teacher:

  • Miss Campbell

Reception Teaching Assistant:

  • Miss Metcalfe

PE kits rec-pe

Children will have PE every Tuesday. Children should bring a PE kit into school, with everything clearly named in a St Luke’s P.E bag (available from Main Reception). P.E kit consists of yellow t-shirt, blue shorts and black P.E pumps, we suggest that you also include a spare pair of socks and underwear, just in case. This will be sent home at the end of each half term to be washed and should be returned when children come back to school after the break.


Home Reading rec-homereading

We teach reading through a combination of Sign and Shine and phonics. Sign and Shine is a great way for children to learn key words by also learning how to sign them using Makaton (as some of them may have seen on TV programmes like “Something Special”).

Every child will be given one of our “scheme” reading books that we would like you and your child to share together. Initially they may be unable to read this book independently, and that is fine, independent reading is not the main objective, what we want to develop is a love of reading for both you and your child from the very beginning of their learning journey. We adopt a “Going for Green” approach with our reading, which means we ask that you read with your child at least 3 times of week and record each read in their reading record, in recognition of this we will reward your child 1 smilie each week. Once your child recognizes their first set of keywords they will then be given a “First Words” book, these books are linked to the set of Sign and Shine words your child has recently learned, and they should then be able to read these books independently and can use their signing knowledge to support their reading process. We will also be reading with children in school, so it is important that your child brings their books to school every day in their St. Luke’s Book Bag (available at Main Reception).


Reward System rec-rewardsys

We use smilies to reward and praise our children for good behavior, hard work, being a good friend and “Going for Green” with their home reading. Every child aims to earn 100 smilies each term and at the end of the term those who have been successful will be rewarded. Rewards are as follows:

AUTUMN TERM 100 Smilies: Cinema Reward – in school

SPRING TERM 200 Smilies: Disco Reward – in school

SUMMER TERM 300 Smilies: Beach Party Reward – in school


I hope your child has an enjoyable and successful time in Reception Class and look forward to sharing their successes with you via our Friday Achievement Assembly at 2.40pm, on Twitter and with our “Smilie of the Week” reward.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to one of our team.

St Luke's Handbook - Reception


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