Sport Premium

The Sport Premium is funding allocated to schools by the government. It is spent on delivering high quality Physical Education at St Luke’s.

Current Provision 
At St Luke’s School, we strive to improve our PE provision, and enhance the extra-curricular opportunities that we offer our pupils.  We provide a variety of clubs that promote healthy life styles and physical activity. For 2017-18 these included; Dance, Football, Chess, Badminton, Cooking, Gardening, Cricket, Running and Sports Leaders. We have also set up a Playground Leaders program for our Year 6 pupils who support pupils during lunch and break time activities.

Last year we were awarded a Gold School Sports Games mark in recognition of the quality of our School Games provision. Pupils thrive in the opportunities they are given to compete at different levels of School Games competition; Level 1 (intra-school) and Level 2 (inter-school). This year we are hoping to retain the Gold award.

Level 1 (intra-school): Opportunities for intra-school competitions include Cross country, Football, Chess and Badminton as well as our yearly KS1 and KS2 Sports Days.

Level 2 (inter-school): We participate in various events held by the Oldham School Sport Partnership and our boys and girls enjoy regular sporting fixtures with other local primary schools.

Impact on pupils’ participation rates in competitive sports

Last year due to the school sports premium all children have been involved in a whole school competition every term. We have also increased the number of school to school competitions. The money has allowed to provide the children with more opportunities in inter and intra school competitions.

Impact on pupils’ skill level

Due to the increased amount of coaching in school all teachers last year had access to skilled coaches, which has allowed us to upskill the teachers to improve the quality of the PE lessons. The children are also able to access a wider range of new and unusual sports to encourage more of our children to enjoy sports.

Impact on pupils’ health and well-being

Last year the teachers planned alongside PE lessons where the children learnt about the healthy eating, fitness, healthy lifestyles and the dangers of obesity and smoking.

We have a rise in the amount of children involved in after school clubs by over 40% and all children are able to be attend an after school club at least once or twice a week.

5 a day fitness has provided all classes with access to a five minute fitness program that can be carried out at anytime throughout the day. Children are also able to access this program at home.


Swimming 17/18

Percentage of your last year yr6 cohort who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25m = 72%
Percentage of your last year yr6 who can use a range of strokes effectively over a distance = 38%
Percentage of your last year yr6 who can perform safe self rescue in different water based situations = 100%

Spending plan for 2018/19

  • PE training for teachers to improve the quality of teaching
  • Oldham school sports coaching
  • Resources to support PE lessons
  • Break time/lunch time play equipment / structured playtime games and activities.
  • 5-a-day TV (promoting active life styles)
  • After school clubs run by staff within school and also external coaches
  • Transport fees to allow visits to other schools
  • FRESH initiative and FRESH mind, which looks at healthy eating and active lifestyles
  • Health Ambassador training
  • Links to external coaches who specialise in various sports

Sports Premium Impact 2017-18
Sports Premium Impact 2017-2018

PE Action Plan 2018-19
Action plan 19 PE

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