A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Teaching should equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. As pupils progress, their growing knowledge about the world should help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and of the formation and use of landscapes and environments. Geographical knowledge, understanding and skills provide the framework and approaches that explain how the Earth’s features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and change over time. (National Curriculum 2014)
At St Luke’s Primary School, we aim to develop pupils’ interest in both their own surroundings and in the variety of physical and human conditions in the wider world.


  • To foster a sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around them
  • Through their growing knowledge and understanding of geography, children will learn about places, people and the environment
  • To stimulate children’s interest in their surroundings and in the variety of physical and human conditions on the earth’s surface


Our Geography curriculum aims to stimulate children’s interest in and curiosity about their surroundings and the wider world, inspiring a sense of responsibility and care for the world in which they live.
At KS1 the children learn about people, places and environments in the UK and across the world. They learn about the different countries that make up the UK and their capital cities and explore their local area in detail. Weather patterns and seasonal change are observed. The children look at geographical similarities and differences through studying a small area of the UK and a contrasting small area in a non-European country. Throughout their study there is an emphasis on the development of geographical skills and the children use a variety of resources including maps, globes, photographs and digital technology to assist their learning.
At KS2 the children extend their knowledge and understanding to include Europe and North and South America, learning about environmental regions, countries and major cities. They study National Parks and rivers with a particular focus on the local area. The children compare and contrast the human and physical geography of a region of the UK, a region in a European country and a region in South America. They further develop their fieldwork skills using a wider range of apparatus including Ordnance Survey maps, compasses and our school weather station. Children are encouraged to ask questions, research answers and to take an interest in environmental issues.

Here is a link to the DfE Geography National Curriculum

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