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At St Luke’s Primary School, the intent of our Geography curriculum is to inspire and encourage our children to develop a fascination, curiosity and appreciation for the world in which we live, which is accessible to all. We believe in encouraging our children to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the world, as well as their place in it. By providing our learners with a rich diverse knowledge of people, places and human and physical processes, alongside opportunities to harness key geographical skills, we want our learners to become inquisitive, resilient, independent and responsible global citizens. This will encourage a passion and interest for Geography and provide all children with the necessary skills and vocabulary to become successful and confident geographers.

The progression of our curriculum expands outwards from our immediate locality of Chadderton, Oldham to global case studies, whilst continuing to refer back to and compare  to our local area developing a deep understanding and a real sense of who they are and what makes our local area unique.

We will provide a curriculum that:

  • is delivered by excellent teaching practice;
  • will create confident geographers equipped with the knowledge and skills whilst developing a solid foundation of knowledge that will be built on as they progress;
  • promotes a comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes and how they interact and are interconnected;
  • familiarises children with vital concepts such as; place, scale and sustainability;
  • develops children’s geographical skills including data collection through fieldwork, questioning, critical analysis, and communicating geographical findings, explanations and evaluations in a variety of ways to a range of audiences;
  • delivers opportunity to develop higher order and creative thinking whilst considering real world problems and solutions;
  • ensures children are provided with the most up to date information and research to become socially aware of local and global geographical issues in society and the environment, allowing them to form well-balanced and informed opinions;
  • gives opportunity to consider and apply cross curricular learning;
  • creates enjoyable, engaging and memorable learning experiences.


We are currently developing our Geography curriculum and have updated our units of work for 2022- 2023 academic year. Below you will find the curriculum outline and the curriculum knowledge content for Autumn Term. 





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